Woodsman Whisky is rewarding those who complete their bank holiday chores with free whisky

The final bank holiday of the month is looming and people across the country will grudgingly spend it sweating over flatpack instructions and bickering with their partner about where that random extra screw should have gone.

With that in mind, on May 26th, The Woodsman Whisky and The Cocktail Trading Co. (68 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6GQ) will reward anyone who has nailed a successful chore (or unsuccessful, at least you tried) by swapping your leftover bits and pieces for a classic whisky serve.

Kenny Nicholson, Head of Modern Spirits at Whyte & Mackay, said: “We use a mix of freshly-built American Oak casks and double-scorched Bourbon barrels to make our whisky especially smooth, so we know a little something about using wood to build something from scratch. But, we also know that the best thing about hard work, is the reward at the end. So, don’t worry if that shelf still looks a bit wonky after four hours, simply say “Screw it”, head down to the Cocktail Trading Company with a rusty nail or a leftover nut and they’ll build you a delicious Old Fashioned, courtesy of The Woodsman.”

Unlike complicated Swedish instruction manuals, there’s just one rule – whisky will be exchanged for small leftovers like screws, nails, washers, small wood shavings. Please leave cement mixers, saws and kitchen cabinets at home.

To get your hands on your free cocktail, head to Cocktail Trading Co. on Brick Lane (020 7427 6097), on Sunday 26th May from 1pm-6pm.

You can also share your DIY or DI-TRY stories on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook for the chance to win a bottle.

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