announced today that it has received early stage funding of £150,000 announced today that it has received early stage funding of £150,000 through Worth Capital’s Start-Up Series Fund.

The London-based start-up is the first website in the world to offer hotel switching, allowing travellers to split their stay across two hotels at a single destination in order to experience more of the cities they visit and save as much as 70% versus staying in a single hotel. The site currently has access to over 59,000 hotels across more than 180 countries.

The idea for stemmed from co-founder Santiago Navarro’s personal experience with manual hotel switching, a travel hack used by many savvy travellers today to manually search multiple sites and book multiple hotels in one city destination. Santiago used this trick to experience five-star hotels for three-star prices, often amazing his peers. He decided to bring the idea to a hackathon and built the site with his then co-founder Jon Hannah, who has since stepped away from the business but remains involved as an advisor.

Hotel switching, also referred to as a split stay, is already very popular with families booking Disney holidays in Florida, but is now bringing this new way of booking hotels to all travellers, leading to great coverage from publications such as Cosmopolitan, the Sun, Life Hacker, The Points Guy, and Forbes.’s new co-founder David Ferreira joined the company in 2017 after time at Expedia and says: “Our aim is to challenge the idea that one trip has to equal one hotel. When people see how hotel switching can not only save them money but give them even more choices to stay where they want to stay, they are hooked. Under the traditional model, travellers go to one city and are forced to choose one location for their stay. With hotel switching, travellers can experience more amenities from different hotels or get a better feel for a city by exploring more than one neighbourhood. Best of all, they can apply the savings of hotel switching to improving the shopping, eating, and drinking they do while enjoying all their destination has to offer.”

The investment comes after was entered into the September 2017 Start-Up Series, the UK’s largest ever seed funding search competition – launched in 2017 by London investment promoters, Worth Capital.

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