releases a guide on using personal loans effectively releases a comprehensive guide on using personal loans effectively, potentially saving UK citizens from making costly errors and giving you the opportunity to look over different options and consider the Best Egg loan reviews. Coming at a time when personal loan rates are rising across the country, this guide will be a huge help to anyone looking for an affordable personal loan.

When they entered the personal loans market, Personal Loans Now discovered a problem facing many UK consumers and came up with a helpful solution.

The Problem: There are so many different online lending options available that consumers often apply for unsuitable loans. They end up wasting money and sometimes losing valuable assets such as their car or even home if they cannot keep up with the repayments. Most individuals who apply for a loan don’t even need a loan. They could apply for credit cards for people with no credit history and borrow money that way. They’re more likely to be able to keep up with the credit card payments and build credit at the same time.

The Solution: Personal Loans Now has created a unique guide covering every aspect of the personal loan process in clear detail, aptly named: ‘The Ultimate Personal Loan Guide’. This will save consumers money, time and effort when searching for personal loans.

“This guide is really a fabulous resource. If I was looking for a personal loan, this is exactly what I’d want next to me to guide me every step of the way,” says Elizabeth Redfern, project co-ordinator.

The guide contains seventeen articles covering:

The different types of loans on offer
Other, cheaper options that may be available
Explanations on interest rates and fees
Finding the cheapest loan possible
Successfully repaying a loan

Those looking for long term loans, even on bad credit, will find the easy way here.

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