Prince Harry offered his very own Royal stag do for FREE

Like you, we woke up on the 27th of November with the news that Prince Harry will marry his girlfriend and Suits actress Meghan Markle. While many people’s first thought was wondering if we get a bank holiday and day off work, our minds went elsewhere.

As the UK’s best Stag Company, we thought we would celebrate the engagement’s announcement with our very own. We are offering Prince Harry his very own Royal stag do, which if he chooses to take us up on the offer, will be free of charge! (Not that he needs help paying for anything).

The royal prince will spend a weekend in London and Prague, Europe’s top stag destination. These are the activities we are offering to his majesty. There will indeed be a visit to a high-end casino so I suggest His Highness visits to find out where he can hone his skills online.

Play Rugby With a Legend – The Prince is a huge Rugby Union fan and will love meeting his heroes.
Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea – A chance to bring some class to this royal stag while also letting Harry express his love for fancy dress.
Fake Arrest – In Prague he will experience a classic stag pranks of being arrested only to be taken to a strip club.
Fighter Jet – In honour of his military service we will send him up to the skies in a fighter jet.
Corgi Dog Chase – Instead of being mauled by a trained attack dog, why not set a pack of Corgi’s on him in honour of his grandmother.
Bar Crawl – It wouldn’t be a stag weekend without a big night out. Prague is the best possible location for Harry’s big night out.
Sexy Wake Up Call – While everyone thinks it is over there will be one last surprise with a sexy morning wake up call for the stag group from a stripper maid!

After all this he will no doubt have to explain himself to the Queen, but one thing we can assure the Prince is one amazing stag weekend and a fitting end to single life. We all know Harry loves a good ol’ party and The Stag Company are more than happy to oblige him for this Royal stag do.