SALON, in collaboration with Marshmallow Laser Feast, is set to host the world premiere of We Live in an Ocean of Air, a multi-sensory virtual reality installation that brings together art, science and technology, revealing the invisible but fundamental connections between the human and natural worlds.

Using cutting-edge technology, the work explores the invisible connection between plants and humans through breath, allowing the viewer to interact with an entire ecosystem around a giant sequoia tree – the largest living individual organism on the planet.

Incorporating breath sensors, heart rate monitors, binaural sound, scent dispersal systems and wind machines, We Live in an Ocean of Air extends the boundaries of experience design, offering an unparalleled level of immersion.

The breath and heart sensors track real-time breathing, encouraging reflection on our dependence on – and responsibility to – other organisms. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are made visible; with each exhale of your breath, the very essence of life is seen before you, while all around nature explodes in breathtaking light and colour.

Created in 2018, We Live in an Ocean of Airbuilds on earlier works by Marshmallow Laser Feast, including the award-winning Treehugger, winner of the Storyscapes Award at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, and In the Eyes of the Animal, which was shown at the 2015 Sundance Festival and received a Wired Audi Innovation Award in Experience Design.

Exhibition Dates: 7 December 2018 – 20 January 2019


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