Social Innovation is put on trial at Impact Hub King’s Cross 10 Year Anniversary debate

Has social innovation lived up to its’ promises? Or has the social enterprise sector been damaged by the constant search for the ‘next big thing’ over scaling tried-and-tested solutions?

Starring some big names in the social enterprise sector, Impact Hub King’s Cross will spark discussion on the pressing issues facing the social enterprise sector as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, discussing what innovation really means, how we fund effective solutions and how we avoid the excesses of the tech unicorns of the mainstream entrepreneurship sector.

The interactive debate will take the form of a modern-day trial, presided over by judge, counsels and witnesses for prosecution and defence. The audience is the jury, and will deliver the ultimate verdict. The event is aimed at anyone interested in the policy or practice of social enterprise and the audience will contain social entrepreneurs and policy-makers.

Devi Clark, Programmes Director at Impact Hub King’s Cross, said: “Social innovation can be a bit of a buzz-word. As a convener and supporter of entrepreneurial changemakers, we at Impact Hub King’s Cross wanted to explore whether social innovation really has changed the world, or whether it is a distraction from a focus on scaling proven interventions. What better opportunity than our tenth anniversary to provoke a juicy debate amongst some of the social sectors most influential players.”

Impact Hub King’s Cross is delighted to welcome as Judge, Rowan Conway, Director of Innovation and Development at the RSA. The role of Lead Prosecutor is Impact Hub Kings Cross‘ own Programmes Director, Devi Clark, while the Lead Defender for social innovation is Kate Sutton, Head of Corporate Social Innovation at Nesta.

Kate Sutton said, “I am really excited to be involved in this event to celebrate 10 years of Impact Hub King’s Cross. Without innovation we don’t move forward – I am thrilled to be leading the defence at this fun and hopefully insightful event”.

Representing the Prosecution as witnesses is Joe Kallarackal, the UK Director of Spring Impact, and Servane Mouazan, the Founder/ Director of Ogunte CIC. The two witnesses for the Defence are Dan Sutch, Co-founder and Director of CAST and social entrepreneur, Kim Rihal from Equal Education.

Servane, an experienced social change entrepreneur, helping small and large businesses understand people’s needs in a changing economy, commented: “Although social innovation has produced fantastic change for some, it cannot be led in isolation, nor designed by a happy few. Putting it on trial will show how we need to reflect and act to make it genuinely for the 99%… at least”.

We expect informed and provocative arguments on both of the argument. Which makes the biggest social impact, innovation or growing proven solutions? Have an opinion? Come and put it on trial, Judge Judy style.

This free event takes place at Impact Hub King’s Cross (34B York Way, London, N1 9AB) on Thursday 31 January from 18.00 to 21.00pm. Register for your place here:

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