St Dunstan’s College launches new Coronavirus Support area on website

St Dunstan’s College has today launched a new area on its website dedicated to Coronavirus Support.

The new area includes updates from the Headmaster, daily tips from both staff and students, mental health support and signposting, and news from its virtual learning. Those visiting the dedicated area will also find NHS and Public Health England guidance and useful resources that can be shared with family and friends.

St Dunstan’s staff and students have been making daily suggestions of how to cope during this time. Staff recommendations include enrichment activities that can be completed at home including reviewing a book or film, carrying out a science experiment at home or creating a piece of poetry or favourite recipe.

Meanwhile, students have also shared their tips which include going for an early morning run (whilst keeping 2 metres from others), listening to an audiobook and avoiding spending too much time looking at the news.

A spokesperson for the College said: ‘We know that this is very challenging time for our community as adults and children adapt to a new way of life and learning – we felt it was logical to create this new page on our website to help support them. It includes some very important information, such as NHS and Public Health England guidance, but we also have more light hearted pieces such as daily tips from staff and pupils.’

Writing to the community in his end of term letter, St Dunstan’s Headmaster, Mr Nicholas Hewlett said: ‘This term will always be remembered for plunging us into ‘the presence of something we should like to alter’ and there is no doubt that we have needed, and will continue to need, all our mental endurance to see us through it.

‘However, from what I have seen this term, St Dunstan’s College is a community that will not only come through it, but will do so with distinction.’

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