Theine Events and London Games to present a live cinematic experience like never before

Something strange is coming to Hendon for a one night only showcase on the 9th April 2019. In collaboration with the UKIE London Games Festival, this unique fringe event places you at the centre of the story and tests your strategy skills under pressure. In this fully immersive production, you can play out your movie mystery fantasy and work as a team to bring down Clean Living.

Take your role as a member of the resistance and explore the world of Clean Living where we have exhausted all our energy resources. How far will the rich and powerful go to protect the comfortable life they are accustomed to, and who will pay the price? With the Cleaners closing in, can you solve the five ‘Escape the room’ style challenges and expose the truth behind Clean Living’s ‘miracle’ biofuel?

Starring Luanna Homem Cristo, the production is working alongside a diverse group of young, up-and-coming talent on both sides of the screen, utilising students from Middlesex University, including Nathan Stobbs (video) and Cameron Scrimgeour (sound) the event’s DIY manifesto is creating new pathways for talent in the creative industries.

“Creating innovative DIY events is synonymous with creating new and innovative opportunities for creatives, it brings in fresh faces, talent and ideas; cutting out the middle man and opening up the industry.” – Taylor Rianne (Degree Art listed artist and Web Design)

Theine Events and London Games are presenting a live cinematic experience to the local community that normally doesn’t have access to unique, exciting events. Culminating in a high-quality combination of Escape the room challenges, theatre and excitement that’ll leave you wanting more. Tickets for this one night only special are on sale now at Design my Night:

Event Date: 9th April 2019
The Grove Atrium, Middlesex University Theatre, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

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