Why it’s time to give up predicting marketing trends in 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, Luan Wise, one of the UK’s most prominent social media and marketing experts, shares her marketing checklist for 2018 and why it’s futile to focus on future trends.

“Every year I check out the industry press round-ups of trend predictions,” says Luan.

“Most mention some new technology, ‘technology that will ‘come of age’, how we should focus on the customer, how to make better use of data and how the role of the marketer will change.
Predictable predictions!

“As marketers, we are often looking for something ‘new and shiny’. But I strongly believe that trying to predict what the next 12 months will deliver is a distraction.

“Regardless of regardless of technological changes and new gimmicks, we need to remember the fundamentals of marketing, the importance of getting to know our customers and creating solutions that satisfy their needs and wants.

“How are you going to go about this in 2018?

“Here’s some thoughts on how to refocus and refine your marketing activity for the coming year and get the basics right.”

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