Working from home causes insurance confusion for millions of workers

One week since millions of people across the UK were officially sent home to work, new research has revealed confusion on the impact this could have on their insurance.

That’s according to a new study from, which found more than two fifths (44%) of UK adults admit they are currently working from home, with a further 7% expecting to be sent home to work soon.

Millions of Brits have already set up office at home, with valuable laptops, monitors and other work materials taking over dining tables and ‘spare rooms’ across the nation. But do workers need to let their insurer know of this change in work pattern? This seems to be a confusion for more than one in six (16%) home-workers, who don’t know if they need to update their insurer about their working situation. But expert advice from offers some peace of mind, as it suggests workers who have set up office at home during the coronavirus outbreak will be covered on their insurance as it isn’t their full time place of work.

However, this isn’t the only concern home-workers are facing. In fact, a further one in eight (13%) are also unsure if their working equipment will be covered on their home policy. And more than one in 10 (11%) Brits are confused about if working from home is considered as “business use” on their home insurance. To clear up any confusion, has created a catch-all guide to answer common questions around working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the advice, there’s very little those newly working from home need to do, as even their equipment will be covered by their business’s insurance.

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