World Extreme Medicine have developed a ground-breaking Ocean Medicine Course

It is estimated that of all lifeforms on earth, 80% live under the sea*. With such a vivid array of life to be found and observed in the deep blue, it is no surprise people are drawn to ocean expeditions for a sense of adventure.

Only 5% of the ocean has been explored by humans**, so expeditions are likely to reach remote – and sometimes dangerous – locations, putting explorers far from hospitals and proper medical care. Without sufficient preparation and training the results can be fatal.

Renowned experts and professionals at Devon-based World Extreme Medicine have developed a ground-breaking Ocean Medicine Course. The course is designed to give medics the practical and immersive training for events and expeditions taking place at sea that is vital for the safety of those involved.

The training will take place from Monday May 7 to Thursday May 10 2018 in the historic maritime city of Plymouth in Devon, UK. There are still places available for medical and healthcare professionals, as well as for non-medics with an interest in marine activities.

For £995, participants will learn about hypothermia and hyperthermia, boat handling with search and rescue, situational awareness, abandon ship procedures and physiological first aid. As well as this, conditions such as prolonged salt water exposure, nutrition, sea sickness and public health will be covered. The course accreditation will be offered through the Edinburgh-based Royal College of Surgeons. Participants will also be given the opportunity to complete the Royal Yacht Association (RYA) Level 2 Powerboat Handling Qualification.

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