World’s first virtual personal trainer counts reps and provides feedback using just a smartphone

Leveraging years of building health and fitness applications, including the world’s leading back pain app, digital therapeutics pioneer Kaia Health is now launching Kaia Personal Trainer, the world’s first full-body virtual personal trainer which tracks exercises, creates personalised fitness plans, counts reps and provides real-time audio feedback.

The app is powered by patent pending AI-powered motion tracking technology and uses just a smartphone (no additional hardware is required). It is like having a personal trainer at home – without having to go to the gym – and is democratising access to professional physical training and wellness feedback worldwide.

The Kaia Personal Trainer app has been developed with physiotherapists and fitness experts. It combines AI-powered motion tracking technology and personalised training to offer a customised full-body workout featuring a variety of exercises, including the side plank, bridge and reverse crunch.

To activate Kaia Personal Trainer, users stand seven feet away from their smartphone camera and begin exercising with video instructions. The app tracks physical activity with a 16-point system that compares the metrics of actual movement against ideal movement, including the relative positions of limbs and joints, and the angles between them. Kaia Personal Trainer counts the number of reps and provides users with instant, personalised real-time audio feedback, advice and encouragement to improve fitness and performance.

Kaia Personal Trainer covers all relevant body parts and muscle groups, including the lower back, core, glutes and hamstrings. The AI-powered motion tracking technology adjusts the difficulty level and exercise based on the user’s feedback – and is particularly suited to those with little experience or training who want to integrate exercise into their lives in a mindful way.

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