Artists from Richmond, Kew and Kingston to bring their work to Shepherd Market

Artists from Richmond, Kew and Kingston come together in the Central London village of Shepherd Market to show recent prints.

Alchemy refers to the seemingly magical process of combining elements into something new: the exhibition blends subject matters ranging from landscape to still life, from portraits to abstracts, and a wide range of printing techniques, including, etching, linocut, lithography, screenprint, collography and monoprinting.

Meet the artists over a glass of wine on one of the evening views to learn more about the alchemy behind the processes involved in creating these editions, from traditional to more experimental.

Adele Wagstaff | Alan Burton | Alison Headley | Ann Hulland | Carolyn Fallek | Ellie Chun | Emily Burton | Francsca Learmount | Jacqui Stephens | Jane Barton | Leo Duff | Libby Jones | Lizzie Brewer | Loraine Monk | Martin Henley | Melissa Wright | Michaela Wheather | Peg Morris | Richard Tomlin | Sue Ribbans | Sue Roe | Violet Mareck

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