Boxpark Wembley to screen 2019’s Champions League Final live!

After the success at Boxpark Croydon last year for the World Cup, Boxpark Wembley will be taking over as the ultimate fanzone for all things football.

Russia 2018 saw electric scenes erupt from Boxpark Croydon and the Champion’s League Final is sure to be no different. Now is the time to show your support for your preferred team and perhaps even win a little money too. The Kickoffbet website will be the place to do the latter!

The final will be contested between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur after successful campaigns from both English clubs throughout the Champions League. However, it will take place in central Spain. This year’s Champions League final is at the Estadio Metropolitano in Madrid – the new home of Atletico Madrid. Supporters who aren’t able to fly out to watch their club, or have the tv channel at home, might want to consider joining other football fans to watch the game at Boxpark Wembley. Some fans who truly believe in their club to win might want to put their bet on for this highly anticipated match, you could try and look for the best website for betting on champions league games or you might want to go in store and place your bet. If gambling isn’t for you, you can still track your team’s progress while you watch the game at Boxpark Wembley with the other football fans, and with any luck those who’ve gambled could be in for some extra cash at the end of the game to celebrate their club’s win!

Football fans visiting Boxpark Wembley will experience the ultimate fan zone with a 20,000 square foot dedicated space for the football event as well as an incredibly diverse selection of street food vendors, with award-winning burger experts Nanny Bills and pizza fiends Zia Lucia making the perfect match watching feast. Be in and around other supporters of your team while you watch the champions league final this year to make it more exciting!

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