Debut Exhibition of London Based Photographer Amber Pollack Set to be Unveiled

T.Y.P (Take Your Space) are presenting the debut solo exhibition of London based photographer Amber Pollack which will be unveiled to the public on 20th February 2020 in Belmont Street in Camden. The exhibition, being held from 7pm to 10pm, will run for one week only and will finish on the 27th of February 2020. The collection of photos entitled ‘Who I Could be Today’ focuses on the story and development of central subject and collaborator Evie Power, a multidisciplinary artist.

At the exhibition, guests will follow the journey of Evie, an artist who is self-taught in both make-up and costume design. The photographs show Evie developing her craft over the last two years, where she delves into the performative nature of ‘dressing up’.

For this exhibition, Amber Pollack embraced spontaneity as a bystander witnessing the evolution of complex characters having to rely on available light and locations which Evie inhabited. A juxtaposition between an often highly constructed appearance with mundane and familiar backdrops is present throughout the work and will be felt throughout the exhibition.

Amber Pollack is a London based photographer who has been working in the industry for ten years. Having graduated from the world-renowned design school Parsons The New School of Design in New York, Pollack has now decided to release her personal projects to the public for the first time. Her first exhibition ‘Who I Could Be Today’ is part of an on-going series.

Pollack specialises in portraiture and has worked with several artists including English band Sundara Karma. Her portraits over the past ten years are often intimate and this first solo exhibition will offer a glimpse into her craft.

Amber Pollack, Photographer and Creator of ‘Who I Could Be Today”, Commented: “When looking at my first solo exhibition, validity of imagery and the implications of their story being called into question was important. Today more than ever we possess an acute awareness of what we are being mis-sold through a number of channels, namely social media and modern marketing. We regularly measure ourselves again these highly constructed pictures we know to be illusory. Through my work, I seek to address these issues and as my series continues, the theme of truth telling will become more prevalent.”

As well as the ongoing series ‘Who I Could Be Today’, Pollack is also set to unveil a new collaboration with Movement Artist Alice Millen in summer 2020.

‘Who I Could Be Today’ opens on 20th of February 2020 until 27th of February at 10A Belmont Street in Camden. The opening event on the 20th of February is open to the public, the remainder of the exhibition is strictly by appointment only. For further information on ‘Who I Could Be Today’ or to book your a space please contact

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