Ride-hailing app, Kapten, has announced today that it is partnering with Citymapper to offer £10 weekly ride credit to users of the app’s Pass programme.

The Pass, from transport app Citymapper, launched in March and offers Londoners an integrated travel payment system across public transport, cycles and private hire vehicles. It’s designed as a simplified alternative to the myriad transport payment options available.

‘Super Duper’ users of the Citymapper Pass, paying £39 per week, will have access to £10 weekly credit for rides via Kapten, alongside public transport and cycle options.

Mariusz Zabrocki, London General Manager of Kapten, says“This is an exciting next step for Kapten as we continue to offer the best ride-hailing options for savvy Londoners. We were blown away by the reaction to our London launch and are delighted to partner with Citymapper, who share our mission to provide hassle-free, affordable travel to everyone.”

Omid Ashtari, President of Citymapper said“Our goal with Citymapper Pass is to create the ultimate mobility solution for London which is designed for the public transport user that also likes to take cabs or cycles. We are excited that Kapten believes in this vision and is our ride-hailing launch partner.”

Since its launch in April this year, Kapten has been getting Londoners from A to B with ease. Kapten’s everyday low pricing means rides are on average 20% cheaper than the competition. Kapten’s partnership with Citymapper will now offer an even better deal for Londoners on the move.

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