Sixteen years ago, doctors told Suzanne Maguire she had just five years to live when she was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. But, the defiant author has battled against the odds and has now written a book as part of Maguire’s Spellbound Chronicles trilogy, the opening chapter in a children’s fantasy saga which she started to leave as a legacy for her boys Aron and Lance, titled Spellbound Chronicles Bloodline.

The author; Maguire, who is from Doncaster decided she wanted to create more awareness for MND and her book. Maguire started to contact celebrities from TV and Stage to see if they would read extracts from the book ‘Spellbound Chronicles Bloodline’ A handful of celebrity’s contact Suzanne Maguire and offered their services, celebrities include: Sally Lindsay, Dan Ryan, Norman Lovett, Daniel John Jules, Samantha Giles, Chesney Hawkes, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Steve Huison, Craig Parkinson, Phil Davies, Jenny Funnel, Sandra Dee Robinson and David Bloch-Mandel. Maguire, will be donating 50% of the proceeds of the book to the MND Association. Spellbound Chronicles Bloodline is available to buy online from Amazon and Waterstones.

Several other high-profile celebrities have support Maguire on social media and asking their Twitter fans to support the book, including Zoe Ball; This is a beautiful thing #mndfamily and Graham Norton; ‘Enough views and money will be raised’

Maguire says ‘The book means the world to me as it was originally meant to be a legacy left to my boys after my passing. But, by nothing short of a miracle, I’m still here and able to continue to write with my mother, Eve. We have now published Spellbound Chronicles – Bloodline to raise desperately needed funds for MNDA and research into this devastating and cruel disease. I pray we can make a difference.”

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