New Solution to Recruiting in the ‘Gig Economy’ Launches in London

Gigl allows businesses to find suitable candidates for part-time, contract and temporary positions, whilst allowing workers instant access to the latest roles. The app was launched by four founders looking to disrupt traditional recruitment models by providing a simple-to-use app in which employers and job-seekers can connect directly through one-minute introductory videos.

These roles that gigl accommodates for fall under the category of the so-called ‘gig economy’ which comprises of over 2 million people in the U.K – a high percentage being in London. Of these 2 million gig workers, many are working in industries such as hospitality, with a high turnover of staff.

Gigl was developed to simplify the recruitment process for workers in the gig economy and allow employers to describe their own hiring needs.

Steven Dowd, Commercial Director and Co-Founder of gigl, said:

“The main function of gigl is simplicity – allowing the businesses of London and workers look for a quick ‘gig’ to easily connect. Existing models of recruitment within the gig economy are either expensive or outdated, so our app-based solution aims to change this.

“Businesses are charged a very small fee compared to recruitment agencies and have instant access to top talent in the gig economy. Meanwhile, workers can apply for a range of jobs in seconds.”

The function of the app is designed around 5 key points: simple, fast, fair, safe, guaranteed. This transfers for both employers and job seekers, offering easy to use functions which allow users to post and apply for jobs quickly.

Dan Hudson, CEO and Co-Founders of gigl, said:

“The job market in the UK is changing, especially in the London area, with a big increase in gig workers. Gigl finds it important to keep up with the changing job market by providing employers and gig workers a platform to connect with each other. We are focusing on the London market for now, but plan to branch out to the whole of the UK and beyond.”

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