Overcome exam pressure and reduce anxiety with GoCalm

As teenagers across the country prepare for their GCSE’s and ‘A’ Levels, parents often feel helpless watching their offspring’s mental health decline and it doesn’t get any easier with age. Even those in higher education and with jobs find it stressful when they need to complete exams and tests to prove they are as good as they say they are. Adults who are completing the gcia exam can get just as stressed as teenage students completing their ‘A’ levels. With concerns about maintaining a positive mindset, reducing anxiety and coping with this sustained period of stress many parents are unsure how to support their teenagers appropriately. The GoCalm app, developed for NCFE, a leading educational charity and app by Brain Tech experts, MyndPlay was designed to help learners manage exam pressure effectively by combining proven techniques with EEG brainwave technology.

GoCalm enables students to relax and focus quickly

Maintaining a positive mindset is essential to exam success. GoCalm will train students to cope with the pressures ahead through guided videos, brain training and brain gaming, learners will become more relaxed and gain confidence in maintaining their focus at this critical period. GoCalm enables students to monitor their progress with session history and over time, using the ‘little and often’ approach they will begin to ‘train their brains’ and reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety. Exams unfortunately bring stress and anxiety to some people, another technique to reduce stress and anxiety is to get help from others, Roger CPA vs. Surgent CPA can help you with your CPA exam. You will be more prepared and feel a lot more relaxed and confident about passing which will reduce your stress.

Feeling nervous or anxious is the bodies natural response when placed in a stressful situation, the ‘flight or fight’ response is our physiological instinct to ensure we survive. However many teenagers, when coping with multiple deadlines and life-changing exams need additional support to get manage their stress effectively and ensure they safely navigate through the next few months. Maintaining a calm state of mind and redressing the balance will ensure that in the exam they can apply their revision effectively.

Visualisation promotes calm mindset

Metacognition researchers at the EEF(Education Endowment Foundation) have discovered that spaced learning is the most effective way to revise to commit vital information to long term memory. When students are taking a vital study break, GoCalm is the perfect solution. This innovative app takes students through a series of exercises to help their brain understand and visualise a calm state of mind. The focused exercises have been designed to progress over time, offering a variety of levels to reflect usage.

GoCalm is a desktop app powered by the MyndPlay MyndBand Neurofeedback headset that helps learners to practice becoming calmer and more focused for their exams. GoCalm combines this ground-breaking technology with mindfulness and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) techniques to help learners develop techniques that can help them overcome their feelings of nervousness and stress associated with exams.

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