The 1220 Agency launches VIP access to top London events and nightclubs

Many of us have heard or experienced FOMO (fear of missing about), but what about FOGO? That happens to be the “fear of going out” and something that people are experiencing more so than ever.

Many workers across the UK are working longer hours than in the past and as a result, they are finding that their social life is being neglected.

After reaching out to a few Londoners, many told us that their main concern is uncertainty and cost, especially when visiting some of the top nightclubs in the city.

Their fear is that upon arrival access will be limited or expensive, leading to a stressful experience rather than an enjoyable one.

Luckily, there appears to be some relief in sight, thanks to our new friends in New York.

We met The 1220 Agency during their preparation for a fashion show in Birmingham and learned that they are not only fixing this problem in London but across the United States as well.

Starting this month, the company will begin offering VIP access to some of the top industry events and a premium concierge experience at many of the top nightclubs in the world.

With the expansion of their nightlife ambassador program, the company plans to engage with top influencers in major cities, by providing them with exclusive access and a unique earning opportunity.

Anthony Maitilasso, the company’s founder wasn’t afraid to admit that similar things have existed in the past. “This concept isn’t completely new but it is much better than anything that has come before it. Our goal was to create a more authentic or personalized experience and I believe that we’ve accomplished that in the best possible way. In the past others have tried to change the industry but their corporate image has taken away the luxurious allure that comes with an upscale nightlife experience”.

If you’re already excited to make your plans, The 1220 Agency will be planning it’s launch in London on May 25th at Studio 338, located on the Greenwich Peninsula.

This event will feature over 12 hours of music in 3 different rooms, with performances by Mefjus, DJ Marky and many more.

VIP table reservations for groups of up to 12 people are currently available but availability is limited.

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