One of the most entertaining stylists of London Fashion Week, Emma Lehane – AKA Hair in The Chair – stepped on busy Carnaby Street to trim the hair of celebrity photographer and publisher Joe Alvarez to support Emma’s charity of choice Crisis. 

Hair in The Chair project started three years ago when Emma went out to the streets of London to trim the hair of – and interview – London’s fashionistas, creatives, icons and eccentrics. “As a professional hair stylist I realised all people like talking about their hair. Being very talkative I enjoy building the rapport with my clients-interviewees. I am never too serious about myself and so my clients also enjoy being part of Hair in The Chair.”

This time, her chosen interviewee is renown celebrity photographer and socialite Joe Alvarez who is known for his spiky hair. “I always wanted something a bit different and it goes back to my band playing (drummer and band founder) days. I’ve always felt comfortable with it and to my surprise had positive comments about it.”

Emma is heavily involved in all aspects of the Hair in the Chair project and edits her video interviews as well as writes about her interviewees.

WHERE: Carnaby Street, London

WHAT: Raising Awareness and supporting Crisis Charity

WHO: Hair in The Chair (Emma Lehane), Joe Alvarez (celebrity photographer, publisher, socialite)

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