If celebrities designed cars…. this is what they would look like!

Rather than making a sensible choice like a Nissan SUV, to add to their massive homes and lavish lifestyles, stars are known for customising cars to match their personalities.

This could be due to the fact that no matter what level of celebrity standing they may have, they can still afford to stroll into most car dealerships and make demands the averaged Joe can’t afford. If you’re looking for a car with a bit of pazazz, check out this 1947 dodge. It may not be a great option if you’re looking for a company car, but there is always business lease promotions for that.

Fascinating to see

Everyone from movie actors to popstars, rappers and even TV show hosts can be seen driving around in cars of their own design these days. It’s fascinating to see what you get when you combine some of the most talented people with seemingly endless amounts of cash.

The cool folk at Chipex have channeled their inner diva to see if we imagine what these six celebrities’ cars would look like if they decided to design their own cars in tune with their signature style and personalities.

Take a look: https://www.chipex.com/blog/if-celebrities-designed-cars/

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