London is the thirteenth most expensive city for vacation rental properties

The start of the new year has brought a renewed sense of wanderlust for many travelers as the COVID-19 vaccine is introduced around the world. Recent data has revealed a rise in the number of people planning to book a vacation, with 62% hoping to take an international trip within the next six months.

There has also been a shift in consumer travel behavior since the pandemic began, with a recent report showing home rentals outperforming hotels in 27 global markets.

The latest study from travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip analyzed 50 vacation rental cities around the world to identify the countries with the most and least expensive properties. Whether you are planning to vacation abroad or enjoy a local staycation, we will help you find the best cities to book for every budget.

London is the thirteenth most expensive city if you’re looking for a vacation rental, with the average cost of a room at $139 (USD).

Most expensive vacation rentals



Average price of a room (USD)


Amsterdam, Netherlands



Las Vegas, U.S.



Dublin, Ireland



New York, U.S.



Orlando, U.S.



Miami, U.S.



Los Angeles, U.S.



Venice, Italy



Barcelona, Spain



Sydney, Australia


According to our data, Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is home the world’s most expensive vacation rentals. The average room price is $216 (USD) a night. While housing costs in the Netherlands are notoriously high and rents are expensive, 2020 saw the largest increase in rent prices in six years. The high cost of living is likely related to the high price of rental properties.

Las Vegas, Nevada takes second place with the average room costing $195 (USD) per night.  Las Vegas, along with other major cities, has seen an increase in home rental demand as an alternative to hotels. Over the last thirty years, Las Vegas has transformed itself from a local watering hole into a world renowned luxury destination, which is reflected in the city’s rising prices.

However, while the home rental prices are high, InsureMyTrip data reveals that 51% of these listing include a hot tub and 66% include a pool, which justifies the higher cost for some visitors.

The third most expensive city for a vacation rental vacation is Dublin, Ireland. The city is already known for its expensive properties as residents have been reported to spend over half of their income on rent. In 2020, Dublin saw one of the steepest year-over-year increases of rent in Europe at just over 6%. It is suggested this could, in part, be due to the continuing increase of international companies relocating staff to the city, elevating the demand for expatriate-standard housing. Like Amsterdam, the increase in property prices in Dublin are reflected in the higher prices of home rentals too.

Half of the most expensive vacation rentals are in the United States, with New York, NY (4th), Orlando, FL (5th), Miami, FL (6th) and Los Angeles, CA (7th) all included in the top ten.

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