Londoners revealed as biggest sandwich addicts in the UK

As British Sandwich Week (19th – 26th May) kicks off, new research commissioned by healthy lunch pot brand, Prep Co, has lifted the lid on British lunch boxes and revealed that we are a nation of sandwich addicts – with one third (32%) of Brits selecting the sarnie as their lunch of choice.

Despite lunch options becoming increasingly diverse, the results revealed that Brits are a bunch of serial sandwich offenders, with nearly half (49%) of us eating the same sarnie for lunch for three or more years.

The humble ham and cheese topped the list of favourite fillings for one quarter (23%) of Brits, followed closely by the classic chicken and bacon combo (21%), with both cheese and onion and tuna with sweetcorn rounding off the list (19%).

Proving that subliminal messages are not to be sniffed at, residents of Sandwich were revealed to love a sandwich more than any other city in the UK – with a whopping half (45%) of residents selecting it as their lunch of choice.

Sandwich’s favourite filling was revealed to be chicken and bacon (37%), with a similar sentiment echoed in Scotland, with both Glasgow (26%) and Edinburgh (29%) opting for the meat heavy filling. Brummies went for a simple cheese and tomato filling (24%), while people from London (22%), Leeds (28%) and Liverpool (28%) all opted for ham and cheese.

With Brits more likely to opt for a sarnie (32%) over both a salad (11%) and a soup (9%), the research also revealed that two thirds (62%) of the nation know their sandwich is unhealthy, high in calories (40%) and high in salt (37%).

In a bid to break Brits out of their lunch rut, Prep Co is encouraging the nation to surrender their sandwich, offering up a free lunch to each person that signs the ‘say no to sad sandwiches’ pledge – surrendering their sarnie for a Prep Co lunch pot.

Launched in April 2018, Prep Co is ideal for Brits looking for a tasty, healthy lunch option. It’s made using vegetables that are picked at their peak and expertly dehydrated for top taste and high nutritional value.It comes in convenient, individual serving size pots that just need hot water, making it the perfect working lunch.

By simply signing the sandwich pledge, here, Brits will receive a free Prep Co pot* – with 30% the fat of the average sandwich and with 30% less calories than the average sandwich**, helping them to stop loafing around and trade their limp and lifeless sandwich for a healthier al-desko option.

The free sample is also set to save them the cost of a working lunch at a time when nearly three quarters (70%) of Brits are feeling the pinch on their purse strings, spending £2.00 or more on their sandwich, each day, with a whopping one fifth (21%) spending £4.00 or over. That equates to a massive £40.00 or £80.00 per month on pre-packaged sarnies.

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