The Man Who Built Peace: The Frank Buchman Story

The Man Who Built Peace: The Frank Buchman Story is an award winning documentary being launched in the UK at the London premiere on June 7th at The Royal Geographical Society, followed by a tour to eight UK cities. The world premiere was at the ILLUMINATE Film Festival in Arizona in June 2017, where it was one of 26 films officially selected out of 450 submitted. It has since won a number of international awards.

Frank Buchman (1878 – 1961) inspired thousands to address global challenges through personal reflection and change, particularly after World War Two. Despite his legacy, his work remains largely unknown. This film will change that.

Through archival footage, interviews and testimonies film documents Buchman’s unique peace-making approach of transforming society through personal change and reconciliation. The film tells the story of a man who built a movement that continues to impact the world today.

Today’s world urgently needs positive role models – leaders devoted to the greater good of their communities and society. We continue to face issues of poverty, conflict, extremism, ill health and war, and seek ways to reconcile them. Global challenges can be overcome if people embrace visions and values which lead to racial reconciliation, economic inclusion, inter-generational and inter-faith understanding.

As Buchman said, ‘When people change, nations change.’

As well as the launch of this film, this year marks 80 years of Initiatives of Change (orginally Moral Rearmament) in the UK, so it’s a great time to explore Buchman and his message.

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